Building Specialties

Roofing services are necessary for every structure. Learn more about the many building specialties New Image provides.

No matter what kind of building it is, every structure needs a functional roofing system. From shopping malls to apartments, New Image Roofing installs, repairs, and restores industrial and commercial roofs throughout Orlando, Florida.

New Image Roofing Provides Stellar Solutions for Several Industries

Property owners and facility managers are obligated to ensure their building is functional for its occupants. One of the primary aspects of commercial structures is the roofing system, and your roof’s age, condition, and location all play critical roles in your building’s stability. Whether you’re in the warehousing industry or own and operate a grocery store, proper installation and ongoing roof maintenance are necessary.

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The Importance of Hiring Legitimate Commercial Roofing Contractors

Building construction, including roofing systems, must follow building codes outlined by The National Roofing Contract Association (NRCA). Keeping your roof in line with building codes helps you uphold your professional reputation. That’s why New Image performs top-notch commercial roof repairs, replacements, and restoration, no matter what kind of business you run.

Our building specialties include storage units, distribution centers, shopping malls, and grocery stores. Additionally, New Image specializes in roofing for:

Industrial Warehouses

Warehouses manufacture and store various kinds of products and goods. The machinery and equipment used in warehouse operations toxic fumes and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because of this, industrial factories produce nearly a quarter of U.S. greenhouse gasses.

If you own or manage a warehouse, it’s crucial to ensure your roof has incredible insulation to reduce the number of toxins escaping the building. Also, keep up with routine maintenance. An unkept warehouse could cause spoiled or damaged goods, which results in massive revenue loss. The most popular flat roofs for factories or industrial buildings are built-up roofs (BUR). The several layers of sealants and membranes provide excellent insulation. Plus, the gravel top layer protects underlying roofing materials from hail and fallen objects.

Apartments and Condos

Your tenants rely on you to ensure the roof is sturdy and safe, so it should be your top priority to make sure residents feel secure in their living environment. We perform inspections and help you stay up-to-date on apartment roof repair.

One of the most common flat roofing materials for apartment buildings and condos is PVC, which is known for its fire resistance, among many other attributes. This makes it one of the safest options for multi-family properties.

Gas Stations

Gas station canopies may not get as much thought within the roofing industry, but they’re certainly important—just ask your customers. As they’re filling their tanks, they trust that they’ll be safe from the elements. A leaking or damaged canopy causes frustration and discomfort. Metal roofs work perfectly for gas stations offering long-term durability and leak-proof protection.

Your canopy matters just as much as your gas station’s roof. Whether you need a reliable roof for the building or covering for the customers and their cars, New Image has the solutions and services.

Roofing Services For All of Your Building Specialties

Whether you need flat roof repair or roof replacement, New Image Florida looks forward to serving you.

Your Solar Roof Is Safe With Us

Many roofing contractors lack the finesse and experience with sophisticated roofing systems, such as those with solar panels. These advanced roofing innovations require strategic and precise operation, which isn’t an issue for New Image. We’ve done countless projects on roofs with solar panels; our customers were thoroughly pleased with our professionalism and careful consideration. New Image technicians are trained to transform your solar roof without compromising its integrity or functionality.

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New Image Is Florida’s Premier Commercial and Industrial Roofing Company

New Image aims to meet the needs of as many property owners as possible because commercial roofing services are necessary for all types of roofs. For this reason, our building specialties include a wide range of industries across Orlando, Florida. The industries listed above barely scratch the surface of what we can do. If you don’t see your industry, don’t worry. Schedule an appointment, and our experts will help you identify your building’s roofing requirements.

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