Roof Insurance Claims

Maximize your insurance coverage by minimizing your repair or replacement costs.

Did hail leave your metal roofing looking like a golf ball? Does your shingle roofing look like it sprouted wings because of loose materials following heavy winds? Our experts have the experience and knowledge to reliably recommend roof repair or replacement following severe weather, catastrophe, or accidental damage.

Home Insurance and Roof Replacement Costs

Knowing if your home insurance covers roof replacements is one of the most vital pieces of information to have when your roof is damaged. That is because roof insurance claims help cover the costs of repairs and replacements. As Florida’s premier roofing contractor, New Image Roofing has extensive experience in homeowner’s insurance claim repairs.

The good news is, typically, your homeowner’s insurance covers roof replacements and repairs. Acts of nature or sudden accidents that damage your roof are likely covered. However, there are limitations to what insurance companies cover. Ordinary wear and tear and the effects of age are often considered the responsibility of homeowners.

If severe weather or an unexpected disaster left your roof leaking and damaged, New Image Roofing is here to help. We simplify the claims process by offering free detailed inspections and thorough reports.

Types of Roof Damage Homeowners Insurance May Cover

While every policy is different, there are some types of damage most policies cover, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Wind and hail damage
  • Heavy rains
  • Fallen trees and limbs

New Image Roofing also finds that most roof leaks, if caused by a covered peril in your policy, may be acceptable roof insurance claims.

Roofing insurance claim services for rooftops

Free Inspections and Estimates

If Florida’s unpredictable weather has left your roof damaged or unsightly, reach out to New Image Roofing. We provide free inspections and estimates to help determine if a roof insurance claim is a viable option to lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Whether your home insurance covers roof replacements or not, we have solutions to get your roof back to normal.

Roof Insurance Claim Tips

One of the most significant things you need to consider is the extent and cause of the damage before filing a roofing insurance claim. If your provider determines your roofing insurance claim is not worthy, you may face penalties or increased premiums for future policies.

As experts in the roofing industry, New Image Roofing has the expertise to provide you with a reliable opinion on your next best steps.

Steps To Follow for Roof Insurance Claims

  1.  Contact New Image Roofing for a professional inspection and schedule a time for an adjuster to assess the level of damage to see if it meets your deductible.
  2.  If your damage qualifies, file a roof insurance claim.
  3.  Set up a time for both your insurance company’s adjuster and New Image Roofing to inspect your roof together. Having us on your roof with the adjuster helps streamline the process and limit the number of discrepancies.
  4.  Ask questions and take notes. This is your roof, don’t be afraid to seek clarification or be involved with your roof claim.
Person filling out insurance claim for roof

Roof Insurance Claims for Gutters

Your gutters and drainage system are vital elements of your roofing system. If a storm or disaster negatively affected your gutters, they may be covered under your home insurance and roof replacement coverage. Please find out more about our severe weather services.

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