Commercial Roof Repair

Reliable commercial flat roof repairs for Florida facilities, large and small.

Flat bottom roofs make the business world go round. If you need commercial roof repairs, reach out to New Image Roofing to keep your business operations unaffected by roofing issues.

Professional Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

Did a heavy storm leave you with a beat-up roofing system or problematic roof leaks? It’s crucial to have timely commercial roof repairs performed before damage leaves your roof in disrepair. New Image Roofing Florida performs high-quality commercial roof repairs in Orlando and throughout the state.

Our comprehensive commercial roofing services do more than make roofs serviceable with temporary solutions. When New Image Roofing repairs a commercial roof, we pair the highest-quality roofing materials with our expert methods to ensure the repairs last. We back all our labor with a lifetime warranty. That means if you have an issue caused by our work, we fix it at no cost to you.

Commercial rooftop repairs needed after storm

Comprehensive Commercial Roof Repairs

No matter what type of roofing system your commercial building has, New Image Roofing can fix it. We are certified installers of industry-leading brands and have hands-on experience with several roof systems, including:

Repair Commercial Roof HVAC, Ventilation, and Drainage Systems

As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, New Image Roofing offers repair services for any rooftop equipment your building has. If your ventilation system’s seals have deteriorated, we repair and replace damaged collars, rubber boots, metal bases, loose nails, and flashings.

Curb adapters around HVAC units are often the source of roof leaks. New Image Roofing expertly seals adapters, ductwork, piping, and electrical feed materials to keep your facility protected and dry.

A critical repair for commercial roofs is remedying clogged or damaged gutters and drainage systems. If your system is not correctly moving water off your roof and away from your commercial building, severe damage is inevitable.

Free Inspections and Estimates

If you suspect you need a commercial roof repair, don’t hesitate to contact New Image Roofing Florida. We provide free inspections and consultations that help determine ideal commercial roof repair solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Commercial Roof Repairs Following Severe Weather

Florida weather brings everything from hurricanes to hail storms. If severe weather left you in need of commercial roof repairs in Orlando or anywhere in the state, turn to New Image Roofing. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently make commercial flat roof repairs. We understand the importance of fixing leaks or extensive damage before it affects your structure and critical equipment.

rolls of asphalt on commercial roof

What If You Can’t Repair Your Commercial Roof?

Whether it’s from age, wear and tear, or an unexpected disaster, sometimes you can’t repair commercial roofs. Rather than make temporary fixes that don’t provide long-term solutions, New Image Roofing suggests roof replacements, re-roofs, or restorations.

Not only do these options often provide enhanced protection, but they also add value and long-term roofing success. New roof installations give you a chance to work with us to determine optimal roofing materials that meet the needs of your commercial building.

Roof Replacement Services

Don’t let a fly-by-night roofing company make repairs that won’t solve your issues so they can make a quick buck. Learn more about New Image Roofing’s roof replacement services.

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