Reroofing Services

Increase the performance of your roof without the cost and inconvenience of a complete replacement.

Just like a doctor doesn’t perform a transplant when a band-aid can fix your problem, New Image Roofing doesn’t recommend a complete roof replacement if our reroofing services provide the protection you need.

Reroof vs. Roof Replacement

When your roof reaches the point of being too damaged to repair, you’re likely to assume you have to replace it. Depending on the condition of your roof system and the type of roofing materials, you may be eligible for New Image Roofing’s reroofing services. Our reroofing process, also known as a roof over, is designed to save you money and avoid inconvenience.

When choosing between reroofing vs roof replacement, it’s essential to understand their differences. New Image Roofing’s reroofing services add a new layer of Owens Corning shingles directly on your existing shingles. That means we don’t strip materials off your roof. You gain a new layer of roof material.

The reroofing process is less complex but equally effective in the right circumstance. Extensively damaged roofs require a completely new roof installation. A thorough inspection performed by New Image Roofing provides homeowners a clear picture when choosing between reroofing vs roof replacement.

When To Choose Reroofing Services

There are many factors to consider when choosing roofing services. New Image Roofing can’t reroof systems with more than one layer of shingles on a home or commercial roof due to building codes. You should consider a reroof if:

  • Your roof and deck are in good shape overall
  • You have a tight budget or want to increase real estate value at minimal cost
  • Roof repairs don’t sufficiently meet your needs
  • You need to avoid business disturbance or downtime
Re Roofing being applied on small section of roof
Overhead view of a small re roofing section

When You Shouldn’t Choose Reroofing Services

Extensively damaged roofs are not the only systems that New Image Roofing should replace. Because the reroofing process does not expose the decking and underlayments, we cannot be sure they are in peak condition. If your roof shows signs of deck rot or sagging, you should choose a complete roof replacement.

If your shingles have mold or mildew growth, we don’t recommend reroofing services. All roof over systems eventually require replacement. If you are looking for long-term results, a replacement is recommended. As an added benefit, replacing your roof gives you more material and color options to give your home or building the look you’ve always wanted. To help control your costs, New Image Roofing matches any apples-to-apples estimate from a reputable contractor that is within 5% of ours.

Free Inspections and Estimates

New Image Roofing offers free inspections and estimates to help clarify your reroof vs roof replacement options. Our highly detailed inspections create a clear picture of your roof’s condition and the solutions that offer you the most benefits. Reach out to New Image Roofing today to find out more about our free assessments.

New Image Roofing’s Comprehensive Roofing Services

As a comprehensive roofing company, New Image Roofing offers more than replacement and reroofing services. Our skilled technicians perform high-quality repairs that deliver long-term results. Our repairs cover anything from normal wear and tear to your roof or gutter system damage caused by severe weather.

For aging or damaged flat roofs, our restoration services increase the life of your roof by up to 20 years at about half the cost of a complete replacement. New Image Roofing is a certified installer of Duro-Last single-ply membrane roofing. We also apply spray coatings to new installs or as a restorative layer.

Our preventative maintenance options keep your roof working at peak performance. Each time New Image Roofing visits your roof, you relieve an inspection, minor repairs, and documentation explaining the condition of our roof and any services it may need.

Our Roofing Services

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