Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections

The only thing better than a detailed inspection is a free detailed roof inspection.

Think of New Image Roofing’s roof inspections like your yearly physical at the doctor’s office, but without the paper gown. Using the roofing industry’s versions of stethoscopes and thermometers, we examine your roof thoroughly. We diagnose any problems and offer expert advice on how to remedy your issues to get your roof back to its healthy, functioning self.

Dependable Roof Inspection Services

No one searches for roof inspections near them without needing one. Whether you’re purchasing a home or experiencing roof leaks, the key to a quality building or home inspection is attention to detail. New Image Roofing Florida provides home and building owners with the most accurate and meticulous assessments available.

When it comes to problematic areas of the roof, there is no escape from reality. Our experienced commercial and home inspectors pinpoint every matter of concern on your roofing system. Anything from poor seals around rooftop HVAC units to deck rot below the roof surface is accounted for.

New Image Roofing’s free commercial roof inspections provide a clear picture of the repairs or replacement services you need. Other roofing companies may glance over your roof and make a note of things easily seen by the naked eye. Our proven roof inspection process provides peace of mind knowing any problem areas are noted. We also offer roof repair suggestions to remedy any damage.

Roof and gutter inspections of bad gutters

Our Roof Inspection Process

New Image Roofing’s free roof inspection services begin at ground level. We study all elevations and record any visible flaws. Our comprehensive inspection takes note of more than just the roof. We check windows, siding, gutters, downspouts, and any other areas easily affected by poor drainage.

From there, we enter the attic and study pipe boots and vents to ensure there are no broken seals, leaks, or signs of damage. After assessing the interior, our roof inspector gets on your roof. Along with wear and tear, punctured substrates, or loose materials, the roofing contractor searches for mold growth and indicators of poor installation.

When your home or commercial roof inspection is complete, we go over the findings with you. New Image Roofing offers our suggestions on going forward with roofing services to get your roof back to peak performance.

Roof Inspection Reports

Our most detailed roof inspection services include an inspection report. These reports are incredibly beneficial when filing an insurance claim, buying or selling a building, or maintaining manufacturer’s warranties.

New Image Roofing’s inspection reports include general information such as the age of the roof, materials, and roof pitch. They also estimate costs for roof maintenance and roof replacements, even if not necessary at the time.

Our reports focus on four specific areas—roof materials, attic, ventilation, and drainage. After the broad overview and replacement estimates, the report focuses on the home inspector’s findings. Any flaws or abnormalities are documented, photographed, and noted. We point out even seemingly insignificant defects so that if future problems arise, we can trace them back to their roots.

Schedule Your Free Inspection

New Image Roofing always provides free commercial roofing inspections along with complimentary home inspections. You can rely on us to locate both roof surface problems and hidden issues that are the root of your problems.

Deciding Between Repairs and Replacements After A Roof Inspection

After your inspection, New Image Roofing’s home inspector goes over their findings with you. They help explain the issues that require immediate attention and areas that we should monitor with preventative maintenance.

Roof inspections are incredibly valuable when it comes to deciding between roof repairs vs. roof replacements. This decision highlights the importance of a thorough evaluation. A rushed roof inspection could lead to inefficient repairs or premature roof replacement, both of which add extra costs.

We provide you with an accurate estimate for the roofing services you choose and work with you to find solutions that address your issues while respecting your budget. If your insurance covers your damage, we provide your adjuster with all necessary documentation.

Roof inspection needed for damaged roof

Preventative Maintenance Leads to Worry-Free Roof Inspections

The best way to make the roof inspection process as simple as possible is to keep your roof well maintained. Preventative maintenance addresses minor issues before they lead to extensive damage.

New Image Roofing designs maintenance programs to fit the needs of your roofing system. Our proactive maintenance includes:

  • Regular inspections
  • Minor repairs during each visit
  • Cleaning out gutters and clogged drainage systems
  • Forecasts of future needs to help you budget and prepare

Roof Maintenance Services

Find out more about how New Image Roofing’s maintenance services keep your roof at peak performance.

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